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Niko is known as an innovator par excellence, as a trendsetter in design and functionality, and for products that are easy to install. The company was founded in 1919 by two brothers, Werner and Alfons De Backer. What started out as a workshop for switches and power sockets quickly grew into a pioneer in home automation in the European market.

Inspired by the world and everything in it, Niko keeps its finger on the pulse of lifestyle, architecture, and design. The brand evolves with the times. This is reflected in the well-thought-out product assortment that ranges from power sockets and cover plates to videophones and dimmers.

Niko Home Control

Niko Home Control

The Niko Home Control is one of the showpieces of this Belgian manufacturer. You use this future-proof platform to centrally control all electrical devices and systems in your home including lighting, blinds, heating, and so on. How you do this is up to you: with switches, a touch screen, or with your smartphone. The possibilities are endless.

The Niko Home Control increases your comfort at home and makes you safer. You also greatly reduce your energy consumption, which saves money. The system also fits seamlessly into any interior thanks to its timeless design. So, there are only advantages.

Bespaar energie met Niko

Reduce energy consumption with Niko

Are you wondering how the Niko Home Control helps reduce your energy consumption? Firstly, you get a detailed picture of your entire electricity, gas, and water consumption. Secondly, the system goes a step further by providing in-depth insight into the amount of electricity produced by your solar panels.

With the new digital power meter, it is more interesting than ever to align your energy consumption to that produced by your solar panels. So, the Niko Home Control is the ideal partner for this.

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